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How do I book Citilink’s flight? 
Flights can be booked online on, through our call center 0804-1-080808, Sales Offices, or your nearest travel agents.

How much is the price of Citilink’s flight for date xx from city of yy to zz? 
For information on the filght rates, you may visit our website. This information is not available in our social media accounts, including Facebook and Twitter,due to the fact that the rates may change, subject to seat availability.

Why do ticket prices change from time to time?
Ticket prices may change in certain time depending on the seats availability.  Therefore, we advise you to make immediate booking to prevent price change.

Can I book a flight and purchase the ticket with my friend’s credit card and he/she does not join the flight?

Yes, certainly! However, you must bring and show photocopy of the credit card and valid ID of the origin passenger at the check in counter.

If I am pregnant, canI fly with Citilink?

Pregnant women must have completed their journey in full by the end of the 34th week of pregnancy. Flying is not permitted from the beginning of the 35th week onwards. A medical certificate is required to confirm that the passenger is fit to travel.

What is the bagagge limit for a Citilink’s passenger? 
You will get free 15 kilograms (kg) baggage and maximum of 7kg for a hand-carry inside the cabin.

How do I book a flight via phone call? 
Just dial our call center at 0804-1-080808. Our call center agent will assist you to make a reservation.

What are Citilink’s flight destinations? What are the latest flights’ schedule? 
At this moment, Citilink serves 21 domestic routes. For more information please check our website or log on to for domestic routes, or download our flights schedule here tautan ini.

How do I pay for the ticket after booking a flight? 
Please follow the instructions here:

What should I do  if I book a flight but can not do a transaction through ATM?

We do have payment time limit up to two hours from the time you make a booking.  Please make sure that you dont miss the time limit. Should you miss it, you can make another reservation through our website or dial our call center.

How do I pay my reservation with ATM Bersama? 
For more information about payment through ATM, please follow the instructions here:

Can I cancel my flight and refund my money? 
No, you can not cancel the filght and refund. We only provide reschedule option.Please contact our call center to resechedule your flight. *administration charges apply*

How do I reschedule my flight? How much is the additional charge?
You may reschedule your filght but the seat is subject to availability on your new flight. The administration charge is IDR 200,000 per ticket, plus an additional charge for the difference between the original and new ticket price, if applicable.

How do I choose a seat?
You may choose a seat at the check-in counter. Our system will randomly choose a seat for you if you don’t choose seat.

Is there any additional charge to choose a seat?
Please log on here:

 About check in policy at the airport

Is there any time limit for check-in?How long does the check-in counter open? 
Check-in counter opens two hours before the departure time and will be closed 30 minutes before the departure time.You need to purchase a new ticket if you miss the 30 minutes before the departure time policy. Web check-in and mobile phone check-in can be done seven days up to 45 minutes before the departure time.

Where is the exact location of Citilink’sSales Office in Soekarno Hatta International Airport?

We are in Terminal 1C.