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About Citilink

Since 2001, Citilink Indonesia has operated as a low-cost airline in the form of the Garuda Indonesia business division using only a few aircraft, limited bandwidth management and several routes with a focus on the development of the Garuda Indonesia brand, which is a premium airline. Click Here to read Citilink's entire history and company highlights during its lifetime.

PT Citilink Indonesia (“Citilink” or the “Company”) is an expansion effort by PT Garuda Indonesia to be able to compete more aggressively in flights in the budget traveler segment.

This company was established based on the Notarial Deed of Natakusumah No. 01 dated January 6, 2009, domiciled in Sidoarjo, East Java, with the ratification of the Menkhumham No. AHU-14555.AH.01.01 Year 2009 dated 22 April 2009. For more information Click Here.

Based in Jakarta and Surabaya, Citilink has served more than 330 daily flight frequencies with 97 routes to 49 cities including Jakarta, Surabaya, Batam, Bandung, Banjarmasin, Denpasar, Balikpapan, Yogyakarta, Medan, Palembang, Padang, Makassar, Pekanbaru, Lombok, Semarang, Malang, Kupang, Tanjung Pandan, Solo, Palangkaraya, Pontianak, Manado, Aceh, Jayapura, Gorontalo, Samarinda as well as international routes to Timor Leste, Malaysia, China, Australia and Jeddah. The aircraft types include :

  1. A330-900 NEO : 2 Unit
  2. A320-200 NEO : 51 Unit
  3. ATR 72-600 : 7 Unit
  4. Freighter B737-500 : 1 Unit

Click Here for more information about each plane.

Citilink has received various awards and certifications during its operation, to see the list of awards and certifications Click Here.

‚ÄčThe latest information about Citilink news can be seen Here.



Travel Information

Want to see which routes or cities Citilink flies?
Click Here to view a map with Citilinks flying destination.

Citilinkers can search Citilink flight schedules to be able to plan your trip Here.
The following flight schedules are for reference only and can be changed at any time without prior notice. The actual flight schedule and times can be found on the ticket purchase page.

Citilink Indonesia flies to more than 50 different destinations consisting of domestic and international destinations.
Click Here for more information about all Citilink destinations.

Click Here to read the various rules and conditions that need to be considered in your journey with Citilink. Information will include:

  1. Definitions
  2. Transport refusal
  3. Baggage
  4. Ticket
  5. Responsibility
  6. Booking
  7. Reporting
  8. and others.

For the convenience of flying Citilinkers, please read information regarding Citilink flights during the COVID-19 pandemic. Information about flying requirements during both Domestic and International pandemics can be read Here. Landing page will discuss:

  1. Latest circular information from the government
  2. Information about E-HAC
  3. Anticipatory measures for passengers and aircraft fleet

Pregnant passenger are expected to consult a doctor to get a medical recommendation letter or a certificate of airworthiness. The validity of the doctor’s medical certificate is no more than 7 (seven) days since its issue date


In certain conditions where pregnant passenger cannot show medical recommendation letter or certificate of airworthiness from a doctor, The pregnant passenger also required to sign a Form of Indemnity issued by Citilink at the Check-in counter which absolving Citilink’s liability from any incidents that may occur as the result of the flight. If the passenger unable to sign the statement, the passenger can appoint his/her designated family to sign the statement.

Pregnant passenger with gestational age above 36 weeks, are not accepted for air travel.

Hope this information helps to have a better fly with Citilink.

Sick passengers or passengers with illness are passengers whose physical condition or medical disorder (including mental illness) requires the airline to pay special attention (when boarding/alighting an airplane, on a flight, in an emergency situation, and at the airport), for more information Click Here.

Baggage information that applies to Citilink flights can be read Here.

For Citilinkers who want to know all costs (basic and additional) during and before the trip such as:

  1. Administration
  2. Schedule changes
  3. Insurance (IWJR)
  4. Baggage
  5. Change of name
  6. and others

All Citilink fee information can be viewed Here.

At Citilink, we want everyone to be able to fly. That's why we have more than one payment channel and accept multiple currencies according to your needs.

Payment Channels include:

  1. Payment via ATM
  2. Retail Channel
  3. Internet Mobile Banking and Electronic Money
  4. Credit card
  5. Installment without Credit Card

Click Here for more information.

Online Check-in is open from 48 hours to 30 minutes before departure time. For passengers who will depart from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, online check-in is open until 45 minutes before departure time.
For online check-in video tutorial Click Here.
To do online check-in Click Here.



Citilink Products & Services

Want to fly more comfortably? Green Zone and Regular Zone are seat selection products on Citilink flights that can be purchased as additional products with ticket payments. For more info Click Here.

Pre-Book Meals (PBM) service is a food ordering service on Citilink flights, food orders can be made on the Citilink website or Mobile App with the purchase of airline tickets. Menu includes:

  1. Hot Meals such as Nasi Pandan Campur, Nasi Goreng Special and Nasi Rendang Citilink.
  2. Children's Menu such as Fried Rice with Dino Nugget.
  3. Vegetarians like Mushroom Spinach Penne
  4. Assorted Salads
  5. Desserts like Mango Pudding and Fried Banana
  6. Signature Drinks like Mung Bean Juice

For more information Click Here.

Want to know all the rules for free and paid baggage on Citilink flights?
For extra baggage information on Citilink routes, see Here.

Citilink passengers can enjoy an extra comfortable journey with Passenger Services that can be ordered through the BetterFly Citilink application. Citilink's Passenger Services service is available on departure and arrival flights from certain airports. For more information click Here.

Citilinkers can order food and merchandise before flying through the BetterFly Citilink website and mobile apps. Or after downloading the e-catalog you can choose food and merchandise directly during flight.

For more information and download the Citilink E-Catalog :

  1. Click Here for E-Catalog Merchandise.
  2. Click Here for E-Catalog F&B and Meals.

Fly more comfortably with a variety of menu choices and interesting products to accompany Citilinkers flights. Flights are more enjoyable with a variety of special dishes from Citilink, you can try the delicious Nasi Rendang to healthy food variants such as Green Garden Salad. Don't forget to drink with the taste of the archipelago, such as Wedang Ginger and Green Bean Juice, to complete your menu.

For more information and to view the Dine & Shop catalog, Click Here.

For the convenience of Citilinkers who are waiting for their flights, Lounge facilities are available which can be ordered together with ticket purchases. The lounges included are:

  1. Garuda Indonesia Executive Lounge
  2. Saphire Lounge
  3. Concordia Lounge

For more information such as location and terms & conditions of each lounge, Click Here.

Ancillary Bundling Products are products that are offered according to the needs of Citilink passengers in the form of packages and lower prices, several bundling products that can be used as needed:

  1. Green Plus
  2. Green Biz
  3. Green Family

For more information Click Here.

Citilink Cargo is part of the service to customers in the field of shipping goods by air. Port to port cargo delivery services in accordance with the available load capacity on Citilink flights (Priority Cargo). Currently Citilink serves air shipping services for General Cargo and Special Cargo types by prioritizing security aspects, on time delivery and ensuring the goods needed to arrive at their destination.

For more information Click Here.

Linksport is a membership program from Citilink Indonesia. Since 2013, this program was formed to answer the needs of Citilink customers in sports activities including :

  1. Cycling (Cyclink)
  2. Golf (Golf)
  3. Diving (Divink)
  4. Surfing (Surfink)
  5. Hang Gliding (Fly)

With this program members get an additional 20Kg for sports equipment baggage. For more information Click Here.

Linkers is an inflight magazine from Citilink which is spread across all Citilink flights with a total readership of up to 1 million people per month. Click Here to to download the desired Linkers magazine.



LinkTrip & LinkPass

Enjoy a nice holiday with LinkTrip!
Feel the atmosphere of many interesting destinations with flights, hotels, accommodations and tours. For more information Click Here.

LinkPass is a tour package platform from Citilink Indonesia, where Citilink Indonesia is the best low-cost airline in Indonesia that can help Citilink passengers explore the beauty of tourism of curated destinations. Activities such as fun tours, thrilling theme park attractions, and unforgettable vacation packages in Indonesia and internationally with attractive promo offers with Citilink Indonesia.

For more information Click Here.


Citilink Loyalty Program

LinkMiles is a membership program for Citilink customers.

Each LinkMiles member will earn miles, which are units earned every time they fly on an eligible Citilink flight and/or make a transaction with partners in the LinkMiles program.

Miles that have been collected can be exchanged for Citilink flight tickets, ancillary products or partner products. Miles will continue to accumulate as long as the membership is active and will be forfeited when the membership is terminated. Click Here for more information. 



The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page of the Citilink website is full of information and questions that have been asked by Citilinkers. Click Here to be able to read all the available information, maybe there are already answers to the questions Citilinkers want to ask. 

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