Medical Condition

Traveling Procedure for Sick Passenger

  1. Sick Passenger or Passenger with Illness are passenger when their physical condition or medical disorder (including mental illness) requires airlines to give them individual attention on (enplaning/deplaning, during flight, in an emergency evacuation, during handling at airports) which is not normally extended to other passengers.
  2. The need for individual help will become apparent when the passenger, family, or doctor makes a request or when abnormal physical or mental conditions are observed and reported by airline staff.
  3. Before flight, passenger completes the document requirements as follow :
    • Medical Information (MEDIF):
      MEDIF is a certificate from the doctor which contains the condition of the passenger whether he/she is allowed to fly or not. This Certificate is prepared by the doctor, not from Citilink
    • Form of Indemnity (FOI)
      FOI is a release liability statement letter that must be signed by related passenger or his / her designated family if he / she is unable to do so.

MEDIF and FOI are needed for:

  • Sick passenger
  • Medical disorder passenger
  • Post-Surgery passenger

MEDIF and FOI are not needed for:

  • Passenger with Disabilities (Blind Impaired, Hearing Impaired, Speech Impaired)
  • Mentally impaired passenger
  • Mobility impaired passenger requiring wheelchair
  • Elderly passenger requiring wheelchair due to age or because the he/she is unable to walk.



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