Dining Experience

Experience a New Kind of Service

  • Enjoy A New Kind of Services from Citilink!

    Citilinkers, it's time to fly from Jakarta (CGK), Surabaya, and Denpasar with additional services where Citilinkers can create a variety of interesting menu choices consisting of Refreshment, Main Course, and Sides.

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    1 - Refreshment
    - Main Course
    - Sides
    2 Free Flow Coffee / Tea
    3 Extra 200 Mileage (for members booking only)
    4 Free Seat Assignment
    5 Joumpa - Airport Assistance

    1. Dining Experiences product is available during ticket purchase via Citilink website, with a maximum of 48 hours before flight.
    2. Available only for certain flights to/from Jakarta, Surabaya and Denpasar.
    3. Passengers can claim purchase by showing their boarding pass to our cabin crew.
    4. Purchase cannot be canceled, transferred or exchanged.
    5. Citilink is not responsible for a replacement should any force majeure occur.
    6. Passengers is entitled for a full refund if there is a cancellation by Citilink.
    7. Purchase cannot be cancelled if there is a reschedule upon passenger request or passenger failed to show on the flight.
    8. The extra 200 miles will be credited to the member's account at the end of each month of the purchase period.
    9. For dining experiences purchases where in 1 (one) booking code there are more than 1 (one) passenger, then extra 200 mileage will only be sent to passenger account that is used to make the transaction. For other passengers in the booking code, please claim miles via email to member.retro@citilink.co.id by attaching:
      • e-ticket or boarding pass
      • GarudaMiles membership card