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Promo Muamalat

  • Buy Citilink Tickets Now, Grab Opportunity to Win Round-Trip Tickets!

    Terms and conditions:

    1. Event Promo: November 1st 2016 – January 1st 2017
    2. Promo is available for every ticket purchasing through www.citilink.co.id and payment using IB Muamalat.
    3. Three persons with the highest ticket transactions through ATM Muamalat will be announced every month to win the round-trip tickets.
    4. The three persons with highest points through purchasing ticket transactions on www.citilink.co.id using IB Muamalat payment will be announced on the end of the program period to win the round-trip tickets.
    5. Minimum credit average on Bank Muamalat saving account is IDR 500.000,-
    6. Every customer who make payment transaction for Citilink tickets through IB Muamalat will be given E-Voucher Dinomarket worth IDR 100.000,- (One Hundred Thousand Rupiahs).
    7. Gift tax is borne to the winners.
    8. The point calculation is below:

    Ticket Purchase Point 
    One Way
    Return 2

    9.  The point accumulation information can be checked via 1500016.
    10. The total points will be accumulated every month to decide the winners.
    11.  Winners will be announced on the third week through Bank Muamalat website.