How to book Citilink tickets? Airline tickets can be booked online at www.citilink.co.id, Citilink mobile apps, and through a call center in 0804-1-080808, sales office and travel agent nearby.

How to pay for the tickets after booking the flight tickets?

Payment can be made in www.citilink.co.id, Citilink mobile application, Alfamart, Alfamidi, Alfaexpress, Indomaret, Carrefour, Indonesia Post Office, ATM, Sales Office Citilink and the nearest travel agent. For complete information click www.citilink.co.id/payment-channel

How to book tickets over the phone?

Booking tickets by phone at number 0804-1-080808. Our call center team will help you to reserve your tickets and then you can make a payment.

What is the price of airline tickets Citilink to date xx from the city yy zz to?

For more information on flight prices, you can visit our website. This information is not available on social media accounts, prices can change at any time following the availability of airline seats.

Why do prices vary from time to time?

Ticket prices may change depending on the availability of the airline seats. We recommend you to immediately book the tickets before the prices change.

How long before the flight, I can book and buy tickets on www.citilink.co.id?

Flights that you order should be 2 hours after you purchase your tickets at www.citilink.co.id. If one of your departing flights is less than 2 hours then visit Citilink ticketing office at the nearest airport.

How many passengers can I book in one reservation?

Above 9 passengers can be booked in one reservation. For a larger number of passengers, please contact groupdesk@citilink.co.id.

Where is the exact location of Citilink Sales Office at Soekarno Hatta International Airport?

We are located in terminal 3.

Can I book a ticket for a connecting flight?

Yes, you can buy a ticket for a connecting flight by selecting a city of origin and destination cities in the flight search box. The system will automatically search for the connecting flight to the city of origin and final destination and the system will give you the option of flying.

Is Citilink ticket is included with airport tax?

Yes, Citilink ticket is included with airport tax.

Is it possible to order food through www.citilink.co.id?

You can buy/order meals through Citilink website, with booking limit at the latest or maximum 2x24 hours before your departing time that has been confirmed.

What are a IWJR, PSC and Surcharge?

  • IWJR is a cost of Jasa Raharja insurance services, which shall be paid by the passenger, and his funds will go to Jasa Raharja Company, and it is excluded of the ticket price.
  • PSC or Passenger Service Charge is the Airport tax, which is usually paid at the airport and the funds will go to Angkasa Pura Company, but currently for Citilink flights, the cost of PSC will be collected through Citilink and eventually to be paid to Angkasa Pura.
  • Surcharge is an additional fee that is set by the government, on rising fuel prices that is triggered by weak IDR against the dollar. Surcharge is the Rule of Ministry of Transport (MoT) of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) 2 2014 on the amount Surcharge Rates Economy Class Passengers on Domestic Scheduled Commercial Air Transport which was socialized February 26th, 2014. 

Can I book a ticket for my son or daughter who will travel unaccompanied?

Citilink can serve UM (Unaccompanied Minor) passengers for kids aged below 12 years old, with conditions that the parents should come first to the nearest Citilink office / airport because there is a statement letter to be made. 


Is the child ticket purchase will get a special price?

Yes, they will get a 5% discount. For LinkMiles members discount up to 25%.

Does the purchase of tickets to elderly passengers (60 years and above) will get a special price?

There are currently no special price for elderly passangers


Where can I see the latest Citilink flight schedule? For now, Citilink serves 35 domestic and international routes. For more information visit our website or click www.citilink.co.id/route-map for our flight route.

In what city can Citilink fly?

Please see the cities that are availabe at Citilink homepage through the flight search box.

Why I can not find the flight that I want?

This happens for several reasons:

  • The route you are requesting does not fly in daily basis.
  • Seats may not be available.
  • We have two airports in Jakarta, the route operates from Halim (HLP) or Soekarno Hatta (CGK). Please re-check your route, wheter Citilink fly from the two airports in the flight search box. 


Is it safe to pay by credit card and mobile apps at www.citilink.co.id?

Yes, your credit card information secure by using advanced web technology that is SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to protect information that is personal. SSL is an technology industry standard that is supported by Internet Explorer, Netscape, Safari, Firefox and other web browsers. Citilink use SSL to encrypt the data on your credit card that can not be read by others.

Can I book a ticket and pay for tickets using my friend's credit card and he or she does not participate in the flight?

Yes, of course. However, you must bring and show a photocopy of the credit card and a valid ID card upon check in at the airport counter.

What is the Card Security Code (CCV)?

Card security code is a 3 or 4 digit code which provides additional protection against credit card fraud. By requesting the card security code, we validate the online reservation by customers in possession of a credit or debit card and the account is valid.

Where can I see the security code?

VISA and Mastercard: Look at the back of the card in the signature panel. You will see the 3-digit code after the entire 16-digit credit card number or just the last 4 digits of your credit card numbers. This 3-digit code is the code of your card security code.

Will Citilink keep my security code?

No. Validation will be performed in front and the code will not be stored.

I do not have a credit or debit card. Will I still be able to book tickets through www.citilink.co.id and mobile apps?

Yes, Citilink provides an opportunity to pay cash at Alfamart Group, Indomaret, Carrefour, Post Office and Citilink Sales Office.

How to pay Citilink ticket in cash at store, post office, and Citilink Sales Office?

Please bring booking code number and pay at the nearest payment points, tell the clerk that you want to pay a reservation Citilink with your booking code. You will get a receipt for the payment of your booking code and you can replace it with an e-ticket at the airport. You can also manage your bookings on our website after making the payment and print an e-ticket.

How do I pay the reservation by BNI ATM, Mandiri ATM, BCA ATM, Bersama ATM and other ATM channels?

Use your payment code to purchase your booking at the closest ATM. For further information about payment via ATM, please follow the instructions here http://www.citilink.co.id/payment-channel 

What should I do if I booked a ticket but can not make a payment?

Please contact our call center at 0804 1 080808

How do I find and pay for my order at a later time?

You can check your order at a later date by selecting "Check My Booking" from the navigation bar at the top of the page, you need to fill existing booking code and passenger last name. If you forgot PNR applicable, you can contact our call center and ask them to look for your reservation with the passenger's name, flight and departure dates.

What is the maximum of purchase period for adding ancillary products using a credit card?

You can purchase ancillary products by using credit card until 12 hours before before the scheduled flight departure time.


Can I cancel my flight and refund my money?

You can cancel or ask for refund that is being required by following the current terms from this Page.

Can I change my reservation after I make a payment?

Yes, you can change your flight schedule (reschedule) no later than / maximum 4 hours before the confirmed flight schedule by paying an administration fee starting from IDR 150,000 (one hundred and fifty thousand rupiah) plus the difference between the price of the old ticket and the new one (if Yes) by contacting our Call Center on 0804 1 080808.

Can I change my reservation at www.citilink.co.id?

Yes, you can make changes (reschedule, contact details). For reservations no later than/maximum 1 x 24 hours before the confirmed flight schedule on the Check My Booking menu after finding your PNR, and changes can be completed by contacting our call center. Please note that changes will incur additional charges.

How do I change my departure date? How much additional cost should I pay?

You can fly, but changing your departure depends on the availability of seats on your new flight. Administration fees start from IDR 150,000.00 per person and per route, plus additional fees for the difference between the original ticket price and the new ticket price (if there is a price difference).

Can I change the passenger name after making the payment?

Corename :

Name Correction (Corename):

Name corrections can be made according to the following conditions:

  • Correct names that do not match the spelling to a maximum of 3 characters

Example: Hendry becomes Hendri, Arif becomes Arief

  • Lack of letters in the last name and/or surname/baptismal name
  • Sex/Gender Adjustment

The name correction process can only be done through the Citilink call center and at the airport.


Change Name :

Name changes can be made according to the following conditions:

  • Name changes can be made for all class tickets except for the specified promo class
  • Name change administration fee of IDR 1,500,000/pax/route
  • Name changes can only be made by the passenger concerned who is not included in the corename category. by attaching KTP / other valid ID. (tickets may not be transferred to another person)
  • The process of changing the name can only be done through the Citilink and airport call centers

Corrections and name changes can be made a maximum of H-2 hours before the flight. Passengers are required to show valid identification.


How will Citilink tell me if my flight schedule changed?

Your flight details are subject to change without notice, and Citilink will attempt to contact you if there is a change. Please ensure that all details (email and phone number) that is given to citilink is true, to contact you if necessary. Please login to check if all details are correct after you receive the confirmation, especially on the part of the name in the email confirmation or ticket is true, and in accordance with the name on your passport or identity photo  

How do I find and pay for my order at a later time?

You can pick up your order at a later date by selecting "Check My Booking" from the navigation bar at the top of the page, you need to fill existing PNR (booking code), passenger last name and email. If you forgot PNR applicable, you can contact our call center and ask them to look for your reservation with the passenger's name, flight and departure date.


Where can I see and choose seats on the plane?

Map of seats on the flight will be displayed during the booking process (step 3)

How do I choose a seat?

The passenger’s seat is chosen randomly and systematically. 

What does it mean by "Green Seat"?

Green seat is a seat which is in the order/line number 1-5 which is selected seat Row 1 to Row 5 is marked by headrests cover in green color.

At the Airport

When will the check in counter and the luggage checking open?

2 hours before departure. We can do check in through website 2 days to 2 hours 30 minutes before departure.

When will the check-in counter and the luggage checking closed?

  • 30 minutes before departure time for domestic flights
  • 1 hour before departure time for international flights
  • For departures from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, check-in & baggage drop is closed 45 minutes before scheduled departure for domestic and 1 hour before scheduled international departure.

When should I wait in the waiting or boarding room?

You shall be waiting room 40 minutes prior to scheduled departure (shown on the boarding pass)

Is there a time limit for check-in?

Mobile Check-in and Web Check-in can be done 100 days to 30 minutes before domestic departure time.

The check-in counter opens 2 hours before departure time and closes 30 minutes for domestic flights or 1 hour for international flights before departure time.

You must purchase a new ticket if you do not check-in 30 minutes for domestic flights or 1 hour for international flights before departure time.

Especially for departures from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, check-in (mobile, web, kiosk, counter) & baggage drop is closed 45 minutes before scheduled departure for domestic and 1 hour before scheduled international departure. You must purchase a new ticket if you do not check-in 45 minutes for domestic flights or 1 hour for international flights before departure time.

What documents are required in the check-in process and to enter the airport?

To enter the airport and for the purposes of check-in, you must show the Electronic Ticket along by a photo attached letter identification issued by the government, such as passports, identity cards or ID cards Indonesia.

If passengers do not have an identity card (KTP), what document should be brought?

For passengers who do not have identity cards (ID cards) can be replaced by a student card, driver's license, or other document with photo.

What should be taken for babies check-in?

For babies check-in, please bring a copy of the baby's birth certificate. If the baby has not had a birth certificate, it can be replaced by birth certificate from the hospital.

What happens if I refuse the embarkation?

We will not accept any person to enter, or boar onto the aircraft when we have reason to suspect a person under the influence of alcohol or drugs for the aspect of safety on board.

We will not allow the passengers who misbehave because it would endanger other passengers and provide uncomfortable aspects for other passengers.

We support the decision taken by our land officer if there are passengers who are not allowed to enter or board onto the plane because the passenger consuming alcohol, drugs and other substances, such as the above circumstances.


If the boarding area is in the gate area 22-28 Terminal 3 Soekarno-Hatta Airport, what facilities does Citilink provide?

All Citilink passengers can use the Shuttle Bus facility to the gate area 22 - 28 through gate 13 entrance, with operating hours starting at 04.00 - 18.00 WIB


If your arrival is at gate area 22-28 Terminal 3 Soekarno-Hatta Airport, what facilities does Citilink provide?

All Citilink passengers arriving at Terminal 3 of Soekarno-Hatta Airport specifically for the gate 22 - 28 area can use the Shuttle Bus facility through the exit at the end of the gate 28 aisle, with operating hours starting at 04.00 - 18.00 WIB

At the Airport

What are the conditions for pregnant women so they can fly?

Pregnant passenger are expected to consult a doctor to get a medical recommendation letter or a certificate of airworthiness. The validity of the doctor’s medical certificate is no more than 7 (seven) days since its issue date


In certain conditions where pregnant passenger cannot show medical recommendation letter or certificate of airworthiness from a doctor, The pregnant passenger also required to sign a Form of Indemnity issued by Citilink at the Check-in counter which absolving Citilink’s liability from any incidents that may occur as the result of the flight. If the passenger unable to sign the statement, the passenger can appoint his/her designated family to sign the statement.

Pregnant passenger with gestational age above 36 weeks, are not accepted for air travel.

What are the requirements for the infant to fly?

We have the right not to carry infants aged six (6) days or less. 

We may be willing to carry the baby in such age when the cariage is done with a formal written letter from the doctor and after the parents of a baby sign a Statement of Limited Responsibility.

To prevent hypoxia conditions and the possibility of other diseases, we are not allowed to bring infants aged less than 3 weeks to fly with us, with the the possibility that we can accept it if accompanied by a formal written letter from a doctor, and after the parents of a baby sign a declaration of responsibility.

Bring new born baby?

  1. Infants under the age of 7 days is not recommended for travel in the air
  2. Infants aged 21 days to 2 years acceptable
  3. Premature babies. Premature infants should be considered as MEDA (Medical Cases) and handled as Passengers requiring special handling or requests exceeds other passengers.

Bring infant?

Infant under 2 years is acceptable for air travel by following the following conditions:

  • Infant must be accompanied by a companion who buys airline tickets.
  • The companion must travel with the same plane, in the same class, and the same destination with the Infant.
  • The infant must be accompanied by an adult companion who can and are able to take full responsibility for dealing with infant 

The different between adults, children, and infant?

  • Passengers are considered as adults aged 12 years old and above
  • Passengers who are considered as children aged from 2 - 12 years old
  • Passengers are considered as infant under the age of 2 years old

Is there a fee to be paid when carrying stroller (baby stroller) or a wheel chair?

For customers with diffabilities (incapacitate Passenger) who uses or carries push chair (wheel chair) and a mother carrying baby prams (baby stroller), freed from the charge transport for their wheel chair and baby carriage, if inserted into the aircraft baggage as registered baggage (checked baggage)

In Flight

Are smoking allowed in Citilink flights?

No, Citilink flight is a smoke-free flight

Does Citilink sell food and drinks during the flight?

Citilink sells variety of food, starting from snacks to main course (whilst stock lasts)

Can we shop by a credit card?

For the time being the payment by credit card is only valid for the purchase of merchandise, for other spending can only be paid by cash.

Is it permissible to use electronic devices during the flight?

Electronic equipment that can interfere with aircraft navigation when taking off and landing should be turned off.

Does Citilink provide a pillow and blanket while flying?

Citilink does not provide pillows and blankets during the flight.

Is the plane window should open and back of the chair must be upheld during take off and landing?

For the safety of passengers, the entire window to be opened and the back of the chair must be upheld.

Is it allowed to record the activity of cabin crew during the flight?

When flying, to avoid unwanted things it is prohibited to record the crew activities in the aircraft related to the use of electronic devices.

What should I do if I sit in an emergency seat?

If you occupy a seat near the emergency exit, you will be prompted to open the emergency door and assist the flight crew when the aircraft in danger.

  1. Following the provisions of PKPS 121,585 (b) and SE No. 14 of 2021, the use of Emergency Seats (seats 12 and 14) and 1 (one) row in front or 1 (one) row behind the emergency window (seats 11 and 15) ) is not allowed to:
  • Female passengers who are pregnant.
  • Passengers traveling with infants.
  • Passengers who have limited mobility (Obesity).
  • Passengers with special needs (persons with disabilities).
  • Passengers under 15 years old.
  • Elderly passengers (elderly).
  • Passengers who cannot understand cabin crew instructions.
  • Passengers who are not willing to help.

To be seated at the emergency exit row, you MUST meet the following criteria:

  1. Willing to assist flight attendant on emergency evacuation
  2. 15 years old and above
  3. Able to read and understand emergency instructions
  4. Physically and mentally fit to assist crew in an emergency
  5. Not in any stage of pregnancy
  6. Not travelling with infants and elderly passenger

If you do not meet the above criteria, our flight attendant reserve the right to assign you a new seat on board. 

SE 14 Implementation
The provision for emergency exit seats also apply to passengers who seats on 1 row in front and behind emergency exit seat, thait is seat row number 11 and 15 (A320) and seat row number 2 (ATR 72-600).

How do I book a seat?

Passengers are allowed to pre-book sales seat row number 11 & 15 (A320) and seat row number 2 (ATR 72-600) through Citilink's website, mobile apps or OTA channel as long as passengers meet certain criteria.

Note *)

there are restrictions for online check-in (web check-in, self-check-in & check-in mobile app) 

In Flight

Baby Bassinet on board

Citilink does not have baby bassinet service.


Infant Belt and life vest for infants
Infant Belts and life vest for infant are available at the aircraft and will be distribute by Flight Attendant upon boarding.


Baby changing room on board
If needed, mothers with infant can use folding baby changing table in restroom (lavatory).


Baby Food
Citilink does not provide baby food on board. The mother who travels with infant, can bring your own baby food.


Baby Strollers
Baby strollers can be used up to boarding gate and listed as checked baggage. Baby strollers can be picked up under the stairs, outside the aircraft door or at the baggage claim area, depends on the airport.

Folding strollers are allowed to be carried on board as cabin baggage as long as do not exceed with our cabin baggage policy of 7 (seven) kilos with a dimension of 56 x 36 x 23.


Can we ask for hot water to make baby formula?
Yes, you can.


Does Citilink provide milk and diapers for the baby?
No, it does not.

In Flight

Vegetarian food on board

Citilink provides vegetarian food on the plane with a pre-booked meal system. Passengers can pre-order the meal at the time of reservation before the flight. Please download the e-catalog on our website and mobile apps to see the menu provided.


Child Meals on board
Citilink provides child meals on board with pre-booked meal system. Pre-book meal can be reserved while doing flight reservation. Please download the e-catalog on our website or mobile apps to see the menu provided.

In Flight

Regulation about Physical Distancing on Board

In accordance with the Circular letter of the Minister of Transportation Number SE 13 years 2020 number 4, letter a, point 12, for the provisions on the application of physical distancing in the aircraft category jet transport, narrow body and wide body used for domestic scheduled commercial air transport activities in accordance with the aircraft seat configuration and passenger seat arrangement is not applicable. Citilink still provides 3 (three) rows of seats intended as quarantine areas for passengers who suddenly got healthy problems during the flight.

To maintain health protocols during the flight, Flight Attendant will advise the passengers to maintain physical distancing during boarding, lavatory queuing and when disembarking.

Eat and drink on board while pandemic COVID 19.
In accordance with SE 22 Year 2020, for flights under 2 (two) hours, passengers are not allowed to eat and drink on board, exception for passengers who are required to consuming medicine in context of treatment which affected to their health and life.

Flight Attendant still distribute food and beverages to passengers who have ordered pre-booked meals and seat purchases in the Green Zone (GZN) and Regular Zone (RZN) areas, and can be consumed at the destination airport.

What is Unaccompanied minor (UM)?

Unaccompanied minor is a child aged 6-12 years. The physical and normal mental health condition, who travels by aircraft without being accompanied by an adult (family member/relative).

The registered UM will get a name tag or sticker, and will be accompanied by a ground officer, starting from the check-in process to the handover process with family members at the arrival terminal.


Term and condition of the Unaccompanied minor (UM):

  1. The UM passengers when have a booking/traveling are aged from 6 years to 12 years.
  2. Passengers are accepted on Citilink Indonesia flights for domestic and international.
  3. The UM must be in good physical and mental health.
  4. There must be a confirmed booking ticket.
  5. Confirmed booking is valid point to point, for transit: same day/same plane or overnight (over night) is not allowed/not allowed.
  6. Carriage applies from Airport to Airport. The UM name must match and be valid for the flight stated on the document/ticket.
  7. Handling/handling process for UM is subject to a fee according to the applicable provisions.
  8. Ensure the pick-up data and record who the person will pick up at the arrival station.
  9. If there is no pickup and or does not match the data of the previous pick-up, so that the passenger is returned to the original station at the first opportunity, the costs incurred will charge to the passenger/parent/family.

How much fee for the Unaccompanied minor (UM)?

The UM fee is Rp 150,000 per person for one way, this fee includes sitting at the Green Seat (rows 2-5) for easy monitoring by cabin crew.


What is the limit for Citilink passenger baggage?

You will get 20kg free baggage per passenger per Domestic flight, and a maximum of 7kg for hand-carry in the cabin and ATR passengers get 10 kg, for each adult and child passenger. There is no free baggage for infants. If you have excess baggage, an excess baggage fee will be added. (See fees).

Each checked baggage must not exceed the size of 81cm (H) x 119cm (L) x 119 cm (D) and weighs 32kg. Note: the weight of the checked baggage can be used by passengers who have the same number of ticket purchase only. Each item must not weigh over 32kg and must meet the requirements of health and safety services.

Each passenger is allowed to carry one luggage AND 1 laptop bag OR a handbag into the main cabin of the aircraft. The size of the luggage in the main cabin should not exceed 56cmx36cmx23cm size and 41 cm x 34 cm x 17 cm (for flights with ATR aircraft) weigh no more than 7kg. This luggage must fit to be put under the seat in front of you or in the overhead compartment.

I left my stuff at the airport of departure. How do I contact Citilink lost and found department?

For Soekarno-Hatta Airport, please call 021-55913952 for domestic departures.

For other destinations please contact our Call Center at number 0804 1 08 08 08, or direct contact Goods Lost section (Lost & Found) at the arrival terminal.

On arrival at the arrival terminal, please immediately report the loss/damage of your luggage to Lost & Found section so the PIR (Property Irregularity report) can be made immediately to be inputted into our baggage tracing system for investigation.

We remind all Citilink passengers not to put valuables items in checked bags before the goods are entered into the check-in baggage. Because we are not responsible in the case of loss of valuables are stored in the baggage. (Information is provided in every check-in counter in the form of signage).  

If I do not make lost statements at the arrival terminal, and do the report after I got home, what should I do?

If you want to make a claim on the checked baggage that is lost or damaged and you just report the claim after leaving the baggage claim area in the arrival terminal or airport, or after you get home, then you can not make a claim. (The report can not be used as evidence of liability). 

What should I do if my luggage is damaged?

Before leaving the arrivals terminal, make sure your luggage is in good shape. If you find damage before leaving the arrivals terminal, make sure you make a report to the Lost and Found Department for domestic or international to get the evidence of Goods Damage Report (PIR). The Officers in Lost Section (Lost & Found) will repair your luggage immediately if it is still in the condition that can be corrected. If it is not able to be repaired then your luggage will be replaced with new ones. If your report is made after you leave the terminal. Our officers make statements instead of PIR. However this loss report documents can not be used as evidence of liability.

How many of the luggage that can I bring into the aircraft cabin?

You can only carry a handbag that measures 56cm x 36cm x maximum of 23cm and and 41 cm x 34 cm x 17 cm (for flights with ATR aircraft) weigh no more than 7kg. In addition, you can take a toolbox cosmetics or laptop. Then the luggage should be enough to put under the seat in front of you or in the overhead compartment.

How many of the luggage can I bring into the checked baggage in baggage check in (free baggage allowance)?

The baggage that can be included into the checked baggage (checked in baggage) as the free baggage allowance is 20 kg (Domestic)/passenger.

And its dimensions must not exceed the size of 81 cm (H) x 119 cm (L) x 119cm (D) and if there is an excess baggage its weight can not be more than 32kg. (with excess baggage charge applicable).

What should I do if my luggage comes later?

Make sure you report to get the evidence report (PIR) from our officers in the Goods Lost section (Lost & Found) immediately.

Carrying medical equipment in the baggage of the aircraft?

Passengers are required to contact Citilink Customer Service who is at the departure airport no later than 1 x 24 hours before the scheduled departure and make sure the weight is not more than 5Kg.

The contents in my luggage which stored in checked baggage (checked in bagge) is lost, Can I make a claim and request a replacement to Citilink?

We are sorry that we can not provide replacement if any contents of checked baggage (checked in baggage) is missing. Because we've reminded all Citilink passengers not to save/store valuables/important documents in checked bags before the goods are put into the luggage check in. Because we are not responsible if there is a loss of valuables are stored in the luggage. (the info is available at every check-in counter in the form of signage). 

What will happen to my luggage when I have a connecting flight?

When you have a connecting flight your baggage will be carried over automatically to your final flight by reporting it to the officer at the counter when you check in at the place of your original departure that you have a connecting flight.

Bringing pets?

Not allowed

Bringing plants/folwers?

Not allowed

Bringing ballon?

Now allowed


How do I contact the communications department of Citilink? For media inquires, please contact us at jktdsqg@citilink.co.id. As for partnerships, please contact us at contact.citilink.co.id


Want to register as a travel agent? Please send an email to partneroperation@citilink.co.id to register as a travel agent