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     There are many ways that you can do to earn miles, so you can accumulate and redeem miles faster. Not only from Citilink’s flight and other airline partners, you can also earn miles from transaction with GarudaMiles merchant partners.

     Let’s see how you can earn more miles:

     1. Fly

    You can get up to 5% discount for Citilink’s flight at and earn GarudaMiles reward from Citilink’s flight.

    2. Stay

    You can earn miles by staying at your favorite hotel.

     3. Shop

    You can earn miles by shopping at your favorite shopping centers, department store, and other merchant partners.

    4. Travel

    You can earn miles by travelling with GarudaMiles partner and tour companies at your destination.

    5. Rent Car

    You can earn miles by renting cars at your destination.

    6. Connect

    You can earn miles by stay connected to GarudaMiles telecommunication partner.

    7. Banking and Finance

    You can earn miles by redeem your bank’s point.

    8. Lifestyle

    You can earn miles by enjoying your lifestyle.


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