Green Zone

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  • Terms & Condition for Green/Regular Zone

    Green Zone and Regular Zone are seat selection programs which include a complimentary snack and beverage. In this program passengers will be charged a fee starting from IDR 40.000 to IDR 100.000.

    1. The Green Zone area are seats in row 1, 12 & 14 with a charge fee of IDR 100.000 and rows 2 – 5 with a charge fee of IDR 85.000

    2. The Regular Zone area are seats in row 6 to 31 (except 12 & 14) with a charge fee of IDR 40.000

    3. Only for Green Zone purchases, passengers will receive a complimentary instant cup noodle and mineral water. While Regular Zone purchases will receive a complimentary beverage.

    4. If Compliment that mentioned on number 3 are not available, will change to another option.

    5. This product purchase can be done in all Citilink channels which are the website, mobile apps, call center, ticketing office and check-in counter.

    6. How to claim the complimentary snack and beverage

    a. Show the Boarding Pass along with the ticket which states the payment for Green/Regular Zone to our cabin crew, for passengers who purchased through the website, mobile apps, ticketing office and call center.

    b. Show the Boarding Pass along with the receipt from the cashier/employee to our cabin crew, for passengers who purchased through the check-in counter.

    7. Only for seats in row 12 & 14:

    a. Can only be purchased through the check-in counter.

    b. Rows 12 & 14 are emergency seats, and are only given to passengers who fulfill the requirements. Click this link ( under “In Flight”, for more information.

    c. Passengers are required to fill an agreement form to sit in the emergency seat which can be found in the check-in counter.

    d. If seats in row 12 & 14 are not filled yet, the cabin crew will advise passengers to fill the seats without any extra fees, but the passengers will not get any complimentary snack or beverage.

    8. If passenger did not purchase this product but requires special treatment, such as: elderly, pregnant, parent with an infant or has a disability; the cabin crew is allowed to change their seat but passenger will not receive any complimentary snack and beverage (point No. 7)

    9. Beside the conditions stated in point 7D and 8, passenger will not be permitted to change seats during the flight.

    10. This product only applies for Direct Flights and not for Connecting Flights, seat selection will depend on the availability of the next flight.

    11. Refund Policy

    a. Passengers may issue a refund for this product using a refund ticket. Passengers may issue through email at

    b. Refund will be given while the passenger has not used the benefits of the product

    c. The time frame for the refund is 1 month after it was issued.

    d. If the passenger has made a purchase but was not given a receipt, please make a report to

    12. Citilink is not responsible for the service if the passenger is not able to show the Boarding Pass with a receipt/e-ticket stating the transaction of Green/Regular Zone.

    13. Citilink will not charge a fee if the passenger did not choose a seat (Automatic Seat Allocation)

    14. Citilink is allowed to change the Terms and Condition at any given time without any prior notice