Green Zone & Regular Zone

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  • Terms & Condition for
    Green Zone & Regular Zone

    1. Additional Green Zone or Regular Zone services only apply to domestic flights with Airbus A320.
    2. Detail price of Green Zone and Regular Zone as follows :
      Product Row Price Benefit
      Green Zone (GZN) 1-5 IDR 249.000,-

      - Seat Distancing (Middle Row)
      - Air Mineral 330 ml

      12 & 14 IDR 135.000,-
      • Without Seat Distancing (Middle Row)
      • Mineral Water 330 ml
      Regular Zone (RZN) 6-31 (Except 12 & 14) IDR 75.000,-
      • Without Seat Distancing (Middle Row)
      • Mineral Water 330 ml
    3. Purchase of this product can be done in all Citilink channel that is, website, mobile apps, call center, ticketing office, and check-in counter.
    4. Procedures for claiming additional services Green Zone and Regular Zone:
      1. Show us the following boarding passes with tickets listed on the Green Zone and Regular Zone payments to our cabin crew, for passengers who purchase this product on websites, mobile apps, ticketing offices, and call centers.
      2. Show the following boarding pass with proof of payment from our cashier or officer to cabin crew, for passengers who buy at check-in counter.
    5. Especially for seats on lines 12 & 14:
      1. Can only be purchased at check-in counter.
      2. Lines 12 & 14 are emergency seats, and are only for passengers who meet the criteria. Click this link ( channel "above plane", for more information.
      3. Passengers are required to complete an approval certificate form to occupy the available emergency seats at check-in counters.
      4. If the seats on the 12th & 14th rows are not yet filled, the cabin crew will direct passengers to fill the seats free of charge, but passengers do not get a compliment.
    6. For passengers who do not purchase this product but require special treatment, such as; elderly, pregnant women, parents carrying young children and disabilities, cabin crew are authorized to move the passenger seat and passengers do not get a compliment.
    7. Passengers shall not be permitted to transfer seats during flight.
    8. This product is valid only on the first flight and not for connecting flight and for seat option following availability on the next flight.
    9. Terms of refund :
      1. Passengers may file a refund for this product with applicable terms and provision via email to .
      2. Passangers who to claim refund must be had a proof of payment for the seat.
      3. Refunds will be given as long as the passenger has not used the benefits of this product and the refund time frame is 1 month after submission.
      4. If a passanger can not give a proof of payment, refund can not be made.
      5. If a passenger has made a purchase transaction but has not received benefit from the Green zone / regular zone, please email via email to or through the Website citilink on the live chat menu located right down.
      6. Passenger can be moved by ground handling staff or flight attendant for safety reasons, the passenger can submit a refund with applicable provision.
    10. Citilink is not responsible for service if passengers can not show boarding pass along with proof of payment / e-ticket contained Green / Regular Zone transaction.
    11. Citilink will not charge passengers if passengers do not choose seats (automatic assign seat).
    12. Citilink reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.