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  1. LinkMiles is a Citilink membership program that previously began with a membership called Supergreen. Effective as of July 22, 2021. 
  2. LinkMiles membership is issued to individuals and each member has one LinkMiles account.
  3. For Indonesian citizens and/or foreign nationals who are older than 12 (twelve) years old and domiciled in Indonesia or outside Indonesia where the LinkMiles program is applied, they can register in accordance with the terms and conditions of registration.
  4. Citilink has the right to apply the policies and mechanisms that apply in Linkmiles membership. The rules issued by Citilink are binding for members.
  5. Facilities obtained by members cannot be traded and transferred.
  6. Citilink has the right to use personal data information provided by members for Citilink's operational and marketing purposes and for the purposes of cooperation with Citilink partners in the manner of member approval.
  7. Citilink reserves the right to change the terms and conditions that apply to LinkMiles membership without prior notice and will be posted on the Citilink website and the Citilink BetterFly application.
  8. The LinkMiles membership card can only be used by the card name listed on the LinkMiles membership. The use of the LinkMiles membership card is subject to all LinkMiles membership terms which may change from time to time. 
  9. LinkMiles membership card is the property of Citilink.
  10. LinkMiles membership in the registration process is obliged to provide true and complete personal information to Citilink.
  11. One person can only have one LinkMiles membership number. If a member has more than one LinkMiles membership then only one of the numbers will be recognized. The mileage contained in each card will be combined in a card recognized with the approval of the member.
  12. All privileges and facilities obtained by members that will be determined by Citilink, are only valid for Citilink flights by showing a valid LinkMiles membership card and Citilink ticket to the authorized officer before using the facility.
  13. All LinkMiles membership privileges and facilities do not apply to charter flights and Hajj flights.
  14. All provisions and implementation of the LinkMiles program are subject to applicable law in the Republic of Indonesia.
  15. Citilink reserves the right to audit member data at any time, without requiring permission from members. If in the implementation of the audit there is a discrepancy in the data, the processing of the Award Ticket will be postponed until a decision is issued by Citilink.
  16. Any violation of the rules and conditions of LinkMiles membership has the right to be followed up by Citilink.
  17. All risks arising from membership abuse including LinkMiles cards, privileges, facilities and member mileage are not Citilink's responsibility.
  18. All decisions relating to LinkMiles membership are final.
  19. Every LinkMiles program implemented by Citilink is only valid for members.
  20. Products and services provided by LinkMiles partners to members are not Citilink's responsibility.
  21. Mileage and/or Award Mileage cannot be redeemed in monetary terms but in the form of award ticket vouchers.
  1. Mileage earning is only intended for passengers who are already registered as members 
  2. Members who flown with Citilink will earn Mileage for their flights.
  3. Each passenger will earn award mileage and tier Mileage on each flight.
  4. Award mileage cannot be accumulated with mileage belonging to other members in one reservation
  5. The Award Mileage can be exchanged into An Award Ticket, Ancillary products or partner-owned products listed in the LinkMiles redemption catalogue.
  6. Tier mileage can only be earned from Citilink flights.
  7. There is a validity period of 2 (two) years for mileage earned on member flights.
  8. There are 4 (four) levels of membership in LinkMIiles Loyalty, which are:
    • Newbie Greeners
    • Highflyer Greeners
    • Elite Greeners
    • Crown Greeners
  9. There are various benefits at each level of LinkMiles membership.
  10. Members must meet certain criteria to be able to reach a membership tier.
  11. Information related to LinkMiles loyalty can be contacted via email customerrelation@citilink.co.id​​
  • LinkMiles membership registration can be done through the Citilink application. Registrants will get a LinkMiles membership number which can be used directly to earn mileage and LinkMiles facilities if they meet the LinkMiles membership requirements.
  • If passengers do not succeed when registering for LinkMiles membership, passengers can send information via email customerrelation@citilink.co.id.
  • Mileage starts to be awarded after the first eligible flight or transaction with a LinkMiles partner is recorded in the LinkMiles membership data and the membership application is processed by the LinkMiles system.
  • Welcome Bonus Mileage up to 1000 mileage (200 mileage is given after membership activation, 800 mileage is given after the first flight activity registered in LinkMiles membership).
  • LinkMiles membership registration is done through the Citilink application. Members will get a membership card number if registration is successful. The LinkMiles membership card is only an electronic card listed on the betterFly Citilink application.
  • The name entered during registration will be used on the LinkMiles card and database. This name must be the same as the name on the Identity Card (KTP, Passport or other).
  • If there is a change in the email address, Merging LinkMiles account, change of name and date of birth, then the member can submit an application via email customerrelation@citilink.co.id.
  • Citilink reserves the right to refuse membership applications that are incomplete and do not meet the registration requirements without notice.
  • Emails that have been registered with LinkMiles membership are not allowed to be changed so that members do not experience problems logging in to the Citilink application or Citilink website (https://member.citilink.co.id)​​​
  1. Members will receive Mileage Statements periodically through media determined by Citilink.
  2. Members can obtain membership information through the Citilink application, Citilink member site https://member.citilink.co.id, or through email : customerrelation@citilink.co.id​​
  1. LinkMiles membership tiers are determined based on the number of Tier Mileage or the number of Flight Frequency Score.
  2. The calculation of the number of mileages starts from the distance from origin to destination.
  3. Citilink is authorized to upgrade, maintain, or downgrade the membership level unilaterally in accordance with the rules and regulations that have been in force. Only Tier Mileage or frequencies accumulated within each activity period are taken into consideration for membership tier evaluation and are no longer valid for the next period of activity.
  4. Newbie Greeners membership can be upgraded to HighFlyer Greeners if member has collected 4,000 (four thousand) or collected 80 Flight Frequency Score.
  5. Membership of HighFlyer Greeners can be upgraded to Elite Greeners if member has accumulated 12,000 (twelve thousand) or collected 180 Flight Frequency Score.
  6. Elite Greeners membership can be upgraded to Crown Greeners if member has accumulated 24,000 (twenty-four thousand).
  7. The tier on LinkMiles membership can be lowered by 1 (one) level by Citilink if it does not reach the predetermined mileage tier, but the validity period of the award mileage will still be calculated 2 (two) years when the award mileage is earned
  1. LinkMiles membership may be terminated at any time and without notice for the following conditions:
    • Member registration data is incorrect.
    • Misuse in earning and using Mileage.
    • Commit or engage in acts that violate Linkmiles provisions and other regulations related to LinkMiles membership.
    • Commit or engage in acts that defame Citilink or damage public trust in Citilink.
    • Misuse of LinkMiles membership numbers and/or cards.
    • Resign can be done via email customerrelation@citilink.co.id.
  2. Award Mileage that has not been used by a member whose membership has been terminated as stipulated in these terms and conditions, is no longer valid and cannot be redeemed​​​
  1. To earn and accumulate mileage, one must have registered and activated a LinkMiles membership.
  2. Every membership that has activated its membership and purchased the first flight activity will automatically earn up to 1000 mileage. The amount of welcome mileage is subject to change at any time.
  3. Mileage can be automatically earned by members by means of name and email on the issued ticket according to name and email on the LinkMiles membership.
  4. Members can earn mileage through Citilink betterfly application by entering booking code and last name.
  5. Members can also earn mileage on each flight by making a claim via email: linkmiles.claim@citilink.co.id by including the required documents.
  6. Mileage earned can only be credited once for each activity and is only recorded on one frequent flyer program.
  7. Mileage cannot be awarded to anyone else.
  8. Accrual mileage is only given to members who flown with Citilink and the passenger's identity is in accordance with the identity on the LinkMiles membership.
  9. Mileage accrual will be determined based on value set by Citilink.
  10. Mileage is accumulated based on flight activities on eligible flights and non-flight activities at LinkMiles Partners or on the purchase of ancillary products.
  11. Mileage accrual is only valid on "eligible flights" calculated from the distance from origin to destination, flight class, and membership level. Mileage is not awarded for Citilink flight classes with sponsorship ticket types, employee tickets, industry and travel agent discount tickets, free tickets, reward tickets, charter flights and Hajj flights.
  12. Mileage is not awarded if the ticket or service purchased is not used to fly on an eligible flight or expires.
  13. Mileage is not given if member registers after flying with Citilink.
  14. In certain circumstances mileage is not awarded for things such as unexpected cancellations due to situations beyond Citilink's control (Force Majeure) including airport closures for any reason, war, restrictions by the government, mass riots, strikes, epidemics, accidents, fires, floods, storms, which cause flight inoperability.
  15. If member has a diverted flight, the member can claim miles via submitting an email to linkmiles.claim@citilink.co.id
  16. If member has a connecting flight but miss-connect, the member can claim miles via submitting an email to linkmiles.claim@citilink.co.id .
  17. If there is a discrepancy between the mileage that should be earned and the mileage recorded in the LinkMiles membership data, Citilink is authorized to decide the amount of mileage that is considered correct.
  18. LinkMiles membership mileage cannot be combined or transferred to other LinkMiles membership data.
  19. Mileage earned by means of forgery, incorrect data provision, or contrary to LinkMiles rules and regulations will be postponed or canceled and Citilink has full authority to terminate LinkMiles membership and take necessary legal actions.
  20. Validity period of the mileage is 2 (two) years from the time it is credited and will be forfeited if validity period has expired
  1. Mileage accrual from use of LinkMiles Partner products or services refers to the terms and conditions based on the Cooperation Agreement between Citilink and LinkMiles Partners.
  2. Mileage earned from transactions at LinkMiles Partners will be recorded in the LinkMiles membership data within a minimum of 1 (one) week. If there is an unrecorded Mileage, members can contact or make a claim directly to LinkMiles Partner where transaction was made or claim via email submission to linkmiles.claim@citilink.co.id, according to the Cooperation Agreement between Citilink and LinkMiles Partner​​​
  1. Unrecorded mileage (Missing Mileage) on eligible Citilink flights can be claimed no later than 6 (six) months from the date of flight departure.
  2. Claiming Missing Mileage for Citilink flights can be done by sending an email to linkmiles.claim@citilink.co.id and including the claim documents in the form of the original Boarding Pass or Itinerary Receipt e-Ticket and the LinkMiles membership number owned.
  3. Missing Mileage claims for Citilink flights can also be made through Citilink application. Process missing mileage claim through site by entering the email and password that has been registered on LinkMiles, then click 'Claim Mileage' and fill in the fields provided according to the flight data on the Boarding Pass or E-Ticket. Then for the missing mileage claim process through the Citilink application by logging into the member account, then click 'Mileage' and click 'Claim Mileage' and fill in the fields provided according to flight data on the Boarding Pass or E-Ticket. After that continue by clicking on 'Claim Now'. 
  4. The earned value of Missing Mileage Claim process is based on the distance from origin to destination, flight class, and membership tier.
  5. The process of Missing Mileage Claims that are not recorded until the mileage adjustment in linkmiles membership data is carried out within a minimum of 1 (one) week for flights with Citilink and a minimum of 2 (two) weeks for flights with LinkMiles Partner Airlines, from the receipt of the complete claim document by Citilink. 
  1. Members can convert their mileage into Award Tickets for Citilink flights on the https://member.citilink.co.id website, and through the Citilink application.
  2. Award Ticket is valid from date of issuance of Award Ticket and cannot be extended. Once the validity period expires and the Award Ticket is not used, the mileage cannot be re-credited.
  3. Award Tickets on Citilink flights can only be issued no later than 4 (four) hours before the flight.
  4. Award Tickets can be given if members want to redeem for someone other than the name stated on the LinkMiles membership.
  5. The award mileage redemption value required for an Award Ticket refers to the redemption mileage number according to route on the selected flight. For Citilink flights, the number of redemption mileage required for flights to a route is determined based on groups categorized based on the distance from origin to destination.
  6. Flights on Award Tickets do not earn mileage.
  7. Citilink does not provide delivery services for Award Tickets.
  8. For each cancellation of an Award Ticket flight on a Citilink flight, there will be a mileage deduction of 20% (twenty percent) of total mileage value, an administration fee of IDR 75,000 is not refunded, and the cancellation of the Award Ticket can be made no later than 4 (four) hours before the initial flight. If the trip has been made for at least one sector of the itinerary then the mileage value of the route that has not been flown cannot be re-credited.
  9. If there is a flight no-ops, members can apply for a refund of 100% (one hundred percent) of the total mileage, and an administration fee of Rp 75,000.
  10. Award Tickets on Citilink flights cannot be made to change routes and changes to flight schedules.
  11. Requests for cancellation for Citilink flight tickets can be (via) email to linkmiles.refund@citilink.co.id.
  12. If the request is submitted through the Contact Center, Contact Center will direct the passenger to submit an application via email.
  13. Refund requests will be automatically canceled if the refund supporting documents are not sent back to Citilink within 2 x 24 hours.
  14. When redeeming an Award Mileage into an Award Ticket, members are charged for the payment of local airport taxes, additional state taxes, insurance fees, fuel surcharges, and/or other additional fees determined by Citilink.
  15. For award ticket redemption, members on Citilink flights will be charged an administration fee for both fresh issues and rebooks as follows:
  16. Award Ticket / ticket from award mileage redemption can be used according to the name stated on the ticket booking reservation.
  17. Citilink has the right to determine whether or not the Mileage redemption program applies or invalidates on certain routes on Citilink flights
  18. Mileage redemption for Citilink flights is not limited as long as the mileage amount is sufficient.
  19. Mileage redemption will be accommodated in subclass J.
  20. Mileage redemption for Citilink flights is not valid on national holidays (blackout date) and there is a maximum seat capacity on each flight based on the type of aircraft
  1. Members can redeem mileage for non-flight services such as ancillary products, Partner products that have collaborated with Citilink as per the terms and conditions that have been determined.
  2. Redemption can be made by the member himself or someone else who gets a power of attorney from the member concerned. If the mileage redemption application for non-flight activities carried out in Indonesia is represented by another person, it must include a stamped power of attorney (original) or follow the applicable provisions.
  3. Mileage redemption for non-flight activities is subject to the availability of products and services as well as the terms and conditions set by Citilink and/or partners.
  4. Members will not earn mileage from mileage redemption transactions for non-flight activities.
  5. Members can redeem mileage for non-flight activities through the Citilink BetterFly app on the "Redeem Mileage" page.
  6. There is no admin fee on mileage redemption for non-flying activities​​
  1. Members guarantee correctness of the information provided, including names that match those listed on personal identity (KTP / Passport / SIM / birth certificate), and are responsible for data errors, data incompleteness, or invalid data.
  2. Citilink is not responsible for any loss or delay in sending LinkMiles materials due to incorrect email addresses or unreported email address changes and does not guarantee the receipt of information via email if the email data provided by members is incorrect.
  3. To obtain optimal benefits of LinkMiles membership, members are encouraged to get the latest information about LinkMiles rules and regulations listed in LinkMiles communication media, including on the Citilink landing page. Each member is considered to know, understand and agree to the latest LinkMiles rules and conditions.
  4. Dalam aktivitas penerbangan dengan Citilink, member wajib:
    • Use the name on the reservation that is the same as the name on the LinkMiles membership record.
    • Be registered as a member before flying.
    • If the member does not carry out the above obligations, the member's mileage is not recorded in the LinkMiles membership data.
  5. In non-flight activities with LinkMiles Partners, members are required to show a valid membership e-card at the time of making a transaction as a condition of obtaining Award Mileage from LinkMiles Partner products and services.
  6. Member is responsible for claims from third parties including tax charges arising as a result of LinkMiles membership activities carried out by him.
  1. Citilink reserves the right to change the rules and conditions as well as the benefits of LinkMiles membership at any time with or without notice, which include:
    • Mileage earning and redemption rules
    • Award facilities and their availability
    • Membership tiers and requirements
    • Termination of membership rules
  2. Citilink is authorized to change or terminate the terms of cooperation with LinkMiles Partners. In the event that cooperation is terminated, Mileage Award that has been obtained while the cooperation is still ongoing is still recognized.
  3. All applicable LinkMiles provisions including their changes are as stated in the latest listed on the LinkMiles landing page and Citilink website or other recent notices issued by Citilink. If there is a discrepancy in the information/provisions on the LinkMiles SOP, Citilink website, LinkMiles landing page, other latest notices, then the information/provisions that apply are the information/provisions owned by Citilink which will be informed later by Citilink.
  4. Citilink reserves the right to terminate the LinkMiles Program at any time with or without notice.
  5. Citilink does not bear any losses as a result of termination or change of the LinkMiles Program.
  6. Member is responsible for claims from third parties including tax charges arising as a result of LinkMiles membership activities carried out by him



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