New Route Kertajati

Citilink fly from Kertajati Cirebon to Surabaya

Fly To Kertajati

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    From / To
    Fare start from
    Kertajati (KJT) - Surabaya (SUB)
    IDR 541,000
    Surabaya (SUB) - Kertajati (KJT)
    IDR 526,000

    Terms & Conditions for 25% Elderly & Children Discount:

    1. Elderly passengers with a minimum age of 65 years and Child passengers of 2 years to 12 years old at the time of flight, get a discount of 25%
    2. Discounts apply for one-way or round-trip tickets
    3. Applies to all Citilink sales channels.
    4. This program does not apply to website check-in or self check-in at the airport.
    5. Passengers must check-in at the counter with an identity card to be verified by the officer
    6. If there is any inconsistency of data, then an additional fee must be applied to the customer according to the normal price in customer service
    7. The elderly and child passenger get priority boarding
    8. For more information, call our Call Center 0804-1-080808 or

    Terms & Conditions for 10% Round Trip Discount:

    1. Additional 10% discount for round-trip ticket purchases (discounts apply from N subclasses)
    2. Additional 10% discount does not apply to elderly and child passengers.