On Time Guarantee

Super Shield

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  • Make Your Holiday More Comfortable with SuperShield!

    Get a guarantee of IDR 250.000 for at least an hour delay

    Terms and Conditions:

    1. Date of Issue : Open
    2. Date of Travel : Now - 31st January 2019
    3. Insured has checked in and arranged to travel is delayed for at least 1 hours from the departure hours indicated on the boarding printed at check in.
    4. Due to inclement weather, equipment failure or strike or hijack (other than aircraft hijacking) or other industrial action by any employee of Airline during the flight.
    5. Not applicable to delays Arising from the failure of the Insured to check-in according to the itinerary supplied to him/her, or to obtain written confirmation from Airline or it’s handling agents of the number of hours delayed and the reason for such delay; and/or.
    6. Aristing from strike or Industrial action of companies/carrier involving other than Airline and already in existence on the date the fight is arranged; and/or.
    7. Arising from the late arrival of the Insured at an airport, including the late of arrival after the official check-in time required by Airline (except for late arrival caused by a strike or an industrial action.
    8. If Citilink has informed of a flight delay of at least 2 hours from the schedule.