Flight to Penang

  • Many things we can do when in Penang,like exploring every aisle to hunt Street Art.The walls that contain paintings on the streets look unique and alive. A place so instagramable to adorn Citilinkers social media. Prepare yourself to pamper your eyes around interesting sights.Wanna go there? Come fly with Citilink to Penang!

    Fly to Penang from Terminal 3

    From / To
    Fares Start From
    Direct Flight
    Jakarta (CGK) - Penang (PEN)
    IDR 801.920
    Penang (PEN) - Jakarta (CGK)
    IDR 786.920

    From / To
    Fares Start From
    Connecting Flight
    Solo (SOC) - Penang (PEN)
    IDR 794.200
    Penang (PEN) - Solo (SOC)
    IDR 2.141.000
    Surabaya(SUB) -Penang(PEN)
    IDR 938.200
    Penang(PEN) -Surabaya(SUB)
    IDR 2.112.000
    Palembang (PLM) - Penang (PEN)
    IDR 903.200
    Penang (PEN) - Palembang (PLM)
    IDR 962.200
    Jogja(JOG) -Penang(PEN)
    IDR 976.700
    Penang(PEN) -Jogja(JOG)
    IDR 977.200
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