Flying Is More efficient

Flying is more efficient

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  • Fly Saving With Citilink Cashback Up To Rp 300.000.- Transaction Using Credit Card BUKOPIN

    Terms and Conditions Cashback Promo BUKOPIN:

    1.Cashback IDR 100.000.- with min. Transaction IDR 900.000.- every purchase (Citilink Ticket) through website and Mobile App Citilink.
    2.10% cashback for every purchase of Citilink Trip (Ticket + Hotel) at Website with minimum transaction IDR 1.500.000, - and maximum cashback paid / card / day of IDR 300.000, - (With Promo Code BUKOPIN10).
    3.Purchase period: March 19 - May 20, 2018.
    4.Flight Period: March 20 - May 31, 2018.
    5.Applicable for one-way trips or Return.
    6.Applies to all citilink flight routes
    7.Applicable to all bukopin bank credit cards (excluding card bukopin card).
    8.Applies to one transaction / card / day.
    9.CashBack payment by Bukopin Bank to Card Holder is conducted by Bank Bukopin every 20th of every month.