Hi Citilinkers, did you know that tickets that have been purchased can still be canceled and refunded, want to know how? Please read the full information below.

Refunds are repayments to the passengers of unused Citilink flights in accordance with the terms and conditions applicable by Citilink Indonesia.


Refund Submission

If Citilinkers purchase tickets & other products via:

  • Citilink Official Website
  • Citilink Mobile App
  • Citilink Customer Service at the airport
  • Citilink Contact Center
  • Citilink’s other sales channels

You can request a cancellation as well as a refund through the official Citilink website

However, for tickets bought via travel agent or online travel agent (OTA), Citilinkers can cancel and refund directly to the travel agent or online travel agent (OTA) where you bought the Citilink ticket and the refund process will be processed by the travel agent.

If there are several names in one booking code and only one name is submitted for refund, Citilinkers can contact the Contact Center for further processing.


Refund Terms & Conditions

If you want to cancel your flight and apply for a refund, there are terms and conditions that you must fulfill. Let’s take a look...


Refund Terms

The provisions for trip cancellation and refund of air transportation services are regulated in the Minister of Transportation Regulation (PM) No. 30 of 2021. Based on these regulations, Citilink applies the following refund provisions:

  1. Refund for unused tickets that were submitted before the departure schedule due to the potential passenger cancellation of their flight (voluntary refund).
    Cancellation Time Cost Returns
    ≥ 72 hours before flight 75% of the base rate
    72 - 48 hours before the flight 50% of the base rate
    48 - 24 hours before the flight 40% of the base rate
    24 - 12 hours before the flight 30% of the base rate
    12 - 4 hours before the flight 20% of the base rate
    < 4 hours before the flight 10% of the base rate
  2. Refunds for unused tickets due to flight cancellations or changes in flight schedules by Citilink of at least 1 (one) hour, deceased passenger, force majeure, refusal to fly either from Citilink and/or the airport, or other circumstances that have been arranged will be fully refunded according to the ticket purchase fee.


Refund Conditions

If Citilinkers bought the ticket through the official Citilink sales channel, then you shall prepare the following conditions: 

  1. Ticket Data
    1. Email address used when purchasing tickets
    2. 6-character booking code
    3. Name of passenger who wishes to request a refund
    4. Ticket number (13 digits)
  2. Applicant Data
    1. Passenger number ID Card/ Passport/ Driver’s License
    2. Photo of Passenger ID Card/ Passport/ Driver’s License (Max 2MB)
  3. Certificate of unfitness to fly or health documents for passengers who have health problems and forbidden to fly.
  4. Death certificates from neighborhood/Hamlet/Hospital for the deceased


Information about the terms and conditions of the refund voucher can be accessed here  


For more information, Citilinkers can contact the Citilink Contact Center at 0804-1-080808/ live chat/ Citilink social media.

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