Bundling Product


    Terms and conditions Bundling Product :
    1. Bundling Ancillary products are products that are offered according to the needs of Citilink passengers in packages and at lower prices..
    2. Several bundling products that can be used as needed:
      1 Green Plus 149,000 All Seat CGK, HLP, JOG, SUB, DPS, KNO, UPG, BPN
      Pre Book Meals + AMDK 330 Ml
      2 Green Biz 349,000 All Seat CGK
      Saphire Lounge By APS
      Personal Baggage Assistance -Concierge Express APS
      Extra Mileage 150 (for members booking only)
      Priority Boarding
      3 Green Family 249,000 All Seat CGK
      Merchandise for Kids (SSR :KMD)*
      Personal Baggage Assitance -Concierge Express APS
      Pre Book Meals + AMDK 330 Ml
      Additional Free Baggage 5kg
      Priority Boarding
    3. The Shapire lounge area is located at Terminal 3 Soekarno Hatta Airport at Gate 13 & 18 passengers can show their Boarding Pass or E-Ticket with SSR (BPB) to the Saphire Lounge staff on duty.
    4. Baggage Airport Assistance (Concierge Express-APS) is located at Terminal 3 Curbside between Gate 4 & 5 Soekarno-Hatta Airport, passengers can show their Boarding Pass or E-Ticket with SSR (BPB / BPF).
    5. The Concierge Express meeting area is at the Concierge Express booth which is located in the curbside area for T3 departures (Between gate 4 and gate 5) or at the Citilink check-in counter at Soekarno-Hatta Airport and the amount of baggage that can be accommodated by Concierge Express staff is 3 bags per passenger.
    6. Concierge Express staff will serve passengers from the departure area to the Security Check Point 2 (SCP-2) area.
    7. Ordering 'Green' bundling products can be ordered max. 24 hours before departure
    8. Purchase of Bundling Products can be done on the Citilink website and Mobile apps betterfly.
    9. On connecting flights, meals will only be given once, and seats are valid on the first flight where the next flight will follow the availability of seats.
    10. Bundling products cannot be refunded for reasons caused by passengers (Voulantary).
    11. The boarding gate officer made an announcement for passengers who bought the Green Biz (BPB) and Green Family (BPF) packages to be expected to enter the plane first (Priority Boarding)
    12. If in the announcement the passenger has not approached the boarding gate area, then this is not Citilink's responsibility.
    13. Passengers must always keep their boarding pass and ticket or e-ticket.
    14. Passengers who make changes to the flight schedule, the previously selected seat number will be replaced randomly according to the availability of the existing seat number on the new flight schedule selected by the passenger.
    15. Passengers are not allowed to change seats during the flight.
    16. Passengers are not allowed to carry goods for safety and security reasons such as explosives, flammable liquids, animals, and plants/flowers.


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